Monday, July 14, 2008

The water-driven cars using hydrogen

by Peter J Drew

Gone are the days when people used to think that running a car over water is an impossible dream. The experts have not only made this impossible dream come true, but have also been able to use water as an alternative gas, which has a lot of the benefits of its own.
The engines of ordinary cars convert thermal energy into mechanical energy gasoline, which becomes the main driving force backups of all cars. The water, however, can be divided into HHO, better known as Brownâ € ™ s gas or hydroxy, including hydrogen and oxygen in the 2:1 ratio and can ignite the engine.
HHO, however, will not lead to the use of petrol completely null and void. Not only reduce gasoline consumption, thus saving a lot of money.

To use water as an alternative to gasoline, you will require a cuilt container for storing water. Not only is this hydrogen generator with a reasonable price, can also be done by anyone simply using the guidelines of a manual conversion of water. Being placed under the hood, the package must be connected with the carâ € ™ s battery, so the battery in turn, can use electricity that is generated from the breakdown of water into oxygen and hydrogen molecular . One can be sure that running a car over water in this way will have no negative effects on your car's value.
Under the execution of a car in the water like this, one can enjoy the benefits of your carâ € ™ s mpg is improving. If the increases by 25 mpg or 50%, however, depends on the standard car. Another advantage of driving a car on water is that this process is greatly the environment, hence, do not contribute to air pollution as gasoline often does.
The use of water also ensures hydropower become more horsepower than gasoline normally cree que hacer. The water also contributes to a better engine maintenance, since it runs smoother and quieter. It also helps in cleaning such as gasoline burns more resourcefully, hence, leaving behind much smaller than the waste of gasoline itself normally does.
Running a car in the water will also help the owner of a car to reduce its financial expenses, since they have to use gasoline to a much lesser extent than before, and therefore are to pay only a small amount of gasoline, sufficiently comfortable for driving his car around.
While this might sound like a dream, this may be possible as long as you agree to become familiar with the mechanisms that influence this process.

Peter Drew is the author and leading experts in running his car into the water and water-powered car maker. See these sites to see now the most advanced cars of hydrogen in water and solutions available on the Internet today.


Friday, July 11, 2008

The conversion of water to fuel - The conversion of water to fuel really possible?

by Herwin Johari

Have you heard about the conversion of water to feed your car? It would be a dream come true that not true? With oil prices set to increase further through this year and so on, it is high time that the search for an alternative source of fuel to run our cars.
Many around the world are already adopting the idea of using water as a form of fuel to supplement gasoline. And they're reaping the benefits of saving hundreds each month from a drop in gasoline.
So how is it possible to convert water to feed? The water itself is not an energy source. No fuel to provide energy for your car engine to run. But science class that you have taught that water is composed of 2 gas forms, namely hydrogen and oxygen. And hydrogen is a powerful fuel gas.

The conversion of water fuel, a conversion kit is used to extract a gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen called hydroxy (HHO) which is then used as fuel to supplement their regular gasoline. Quinolin is known to be at least 3 times more potent than gasoline. So you can imagine the reduction in the use of gasoline to produce the same amount of power its engine. It's brilliant things!
The simple water to fuel conversion kit can be easily done at home with a minimum of special tools and materials is not necessary. The most important thing you need is a credible plan, or guide, to show clearly and helps build and install the conversion kit in your car engine.
The installation can be tedious, and can take a few hours or days to correct their own kit water fuel. But hook up his car, and you're on your way to save more money by the end of the year for a family vacation. All spending less gas in the water through conversion to fuel.
Some may call me a modern day Scrooge because I am constantly looking for more ways to save money on their everyday things. And converting your car to run on water fuel is certainly a great way to save hundreds of dollars each month. You can learn more about the conversion of water to fuel my portal to Start saving money today by the conversion of water to fuel.


Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tips for buying a used car

by Brenda Williams

Buying a used car can be a solution for affordable enough to buy a new car. Cars used, even in a single model years of age, can be 20-30% cheaper than buying the same car again. Used car buyers can easily find refers to the large number of cars that were leased. These cars are usually in very good condition and have a low number of miles on them. Used Cars also have lower rates of insurance and buy a used car means you can afford a car that has more luxury and performance that you might usually be able to afford.
The reasons that many people think they should avoid used cars have changed. The used cars are generally reliable pass these days than they have been in the past and history of the automobile accidents have participated in can be easily traced by the number of VIN. Most car makers are now selling cars that include guarantees factory. One of the best things you can do at any used car is to get a story from an automobile accident has been involved in the use of VIN numbers to run a Carfax report that will tell the history of the automobile.

In addition, if it is a third party who might be a wise idea to take the vehicle to an independent mechanic for an inspection. In this way we can know what is really the condition in the car. Dealers not let you do that, for the reason that they have checked the car. When you buy a car through classified ads on eBay or call the phone number and say you're interested in the car. You will know right away if it is a private seller or a trader does go through a private seller. Always consider the speedometer and odometer. Look for scratches, chips or other damage indicating that the odometer has been tampered with. It is getting harder to do these days, but it is still possible to reverse the car's odometer.
If you see the price of a car is $ 5999, tries to show the concessionaire with the fate of $ 500 - $ 1000 less and see if they take it. If the dealer really wants to drive this car off the lot more to do, will you accept his offer and walk away with a big price on his new car. You should also generate a report in his car with Experian, yes, and the credit report of people. Also, keep detailed records of the cars and also obtain a copy of its title. It will show the mileage, if the odometer says otherwise, then someone, possibly tampered with it. Always use due diligence when buying a used car, no matter whether private citizen or a car dealer, is always suspect anything suspicious. In this way, can be kept safe to buy a used car and have a good car to drive for many years to come.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Water Instead Of Petrol

by Paul Aitchison

This article will look at the question: will cars run on water instead of petrol.
Will cars ever run on water instead of petrol seems like a question someone would ask 30 or 40 years ago. Now the time has arrived and the reality of cars running on water is a step closer. We are not quite there but we can use, what is called, a hybrid system.
A water hybrid system means we can use fuel it is a practical solution developed for use in fuelinjected and carbureted motor vehicles. The secret of the waterhybrid system lies within its HyTronic module. It produced relatively low voltage, but uniquely shaped electronic pulses of precise frequency and duration. The overall power consumption of the HyTronic module and the entire waterhybrid system is fairly low; actually low enough to be easily powered by your vehicles excess electrical and heat output, and with enough reserve power left to help run all your vehicles other electrical devices.

This might give a little too much science as to how it works, but all you need to know is that I does work and you do not need to know the science behind it, do you know how electricity works?
If you are really thinking of changing over to the hybrid system then I would do a lot of research and be sure about what you are doing. There is a lot of information out there so do be careful.
So, will cars ever run on water instead of petrol one day? I think we are 10-15 years away from it but for now the hybrid system is the next best thing.

To find out more about using water to run your car and get a free question and answer report please visit


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

HHO Fuel Conversion Kit Helps To Run Your Car On Water

by Syed Shan

As you know that fuel prices increasing in a rapid manner and it will increase more in future also. So many people are looking for ways on how to save money and reduce the fuels cost bills. How to increase gas mileage to overcome this problem.
Are you ready to increase gas mileage and cut down fuel costs bills? Then a good news for you,with the help of a new technology, now you can increase gas mileage and save thousands on fuel or gas costs. I think you saw an advertise about running a car on water on your favorite TV channel.but you did not get full information about it. Don't worry I will give you full detail about this amazing product, which claims that you can run your car on water.

Is it Possible to Run A Car On Water?
Yes you can run your car on water and it is possible and very safe. With the help of new HHO hydrogen you can do so. This technology has been around for some time but no one has really jumped on it an besides who would believe you could convert your car to run on water!.
How Does It work:
Well through the process of electrolysis the fuel cell filled with water and a catalyst such as baking soda is introduced to electrical current. This current is supplied by your car battery and hydro-oxygen or HHO gas will produce as the electrical current passes through usually stainless steel wires or plates. It is amazing how much energy water can store because on average driving the cell only needs to be topped off about once a month or less.
With the help of this new water hybrid,you can save at least 40% of fuel costs. It is up to you if you want to save your valuable money then convert your car to run on water and save money. One more great thing about this system is, you do not need to modify car engine to run on water.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

How To Build A HHO Generator Run Your Car On Water-HHO Gas

by J Jackson

I'm sure you must of heard about running your car on water by now. This system is very powerful and is the future of cars. You can now run your car on water/hho gas and the benefits are very rewarding.
You may want to know how to build your own HHO generator, as this is the standard way to go, since pre-assembled kits are not currently available.
Running your car on water is a great idea, considering how many thousands of dollars you spend each and every year buying gas which just harms our environment. Running your car on HHO provides a low-cost solution and it is very environmentally friendly.
The process works by taking the electricity from your car's battery, and separating it into a gas known as HHO. This burns and supplies energy for your vehicle. It is very safe compared to your traditional gas powered car which is highly flammable, as I am sure you are aware from the results of high-speed car accidents.
What benefits does this system bring?

You can except to save thousands of dollars on fuel, and it is proven that you can increase your gas mileage by up to 80%, this depends on your vehicle. This is huge, overall, you will boost your vehicle performance using hho technology in your vehicle. You will produce cleaner emissions whilst enjoying longer engine life.
So how can you build your own HHO generator and make your car run on HHO/water?
This is not that hard, although it may sound very technical, there are some great solutions to this. There are many guides online that provide you with instructions to do this, making it extremely easy and affordable at the same time even if you are a complete car novice.
Auto shops would charge you about $1000 to make a hho generator, however, guides cost as little as less than $100 and the raw materials needed to put the system together can be found at your local hardware store for under $50.
HHO conversions are also completely reversible, if you are worried about voiding your warranty or not being able to sell your car due to this installment, it can actually be installed/removed within a matter of minutes, so there is no problem there.
A do-it-yourself conversion guide is definitely the way to go if you want to run your car on water/hho. There are many guides on the internet that will teach you how to do this very effectively so you can get set up in no time at all.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Alternative Fuel For Your Vehicle - Ever Heard Of HHO Gas?

by Jennifer Meinert

With the rising gas prices, you might be looking for solutions on ways to save money driving your car. So, in this article, I am going to be talking about HHO gas and how it can become an alternative fuel for your vehicle.
HHO Fuel - What Is It?
So, you might be asking yourself, what is this HHO form? The HHO that is used in HHO fuel or gas is scientifically known as oxyhydrogen, which means, an HHO gas molecule has 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom per molecule. What is amazing, is that, this gas is produced through electrolysis of water. Since water is easily accessible, it makes generating HHO fuel easy to do.
Conversion Kits - So How Does It Work?
An HHO gas conversion kit, also know as running your car on water, is a specially designed modification that is added to your vehicle that allows your vehicle to run on oxyhydrogen gas. The conversion kit works primarily with distilled water to generate this HHO fuel. This conversion kit makes an electrolytic conversion by using the power from your vehicles engine to create oxyhydrogen, thus, pushing the gas into the car's carburetor.

HHO Gas Conversion Kits - What Vehicles Can I Use It On?
You can use these HHO fuel kits on gas or diesel powered cars, trucks, vans and SUV's. So, that being said, you can run it on pretty much anything. Even your lawn mower!
Running Your Car on Water - What Are The Benefits?
There are lots of benefits to putting one of these HHO conversion kits on your vehicle, including:
1. Pretty much maintenance free!
2. Add water when needed!
3. Double or Triple your gas mileage by running your car on water!
4. Save well over 40% on fuel costs!
5. It doesn't take up a lot of room under the hood of your vehicle!
6. Do your share in helping save the earth!
Are you looking for a way to stop paying high prices at the gas station? Buying an HHO conversion kit manual and putting one of these kits on your car, truck, van or SUV, whether it be gas or diesel, might just be the solution you have been looking for! Don't hesitate, and get one of these kits TODAY to start saving money TOMORROW!

Jennifer Meinert is an author that enjoys writing on various different topics. For more information on how you can run your vehicle on water and reap the benefits, please visit her site at